Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE)

“Last week we had our W.O.S.E (Week of Spiritual Emphasis). It was such a big highlight for all the students and staff.
Each day, our school had the chance to watch a video which was predominantly lead by our students. Welcomes and Prayers each day were planned and filmed by different primary classes throughout the week, icebreakers were lead by our high school classes and we were able to record our very own high school band playing our worship songs.
Our speaker for the week, Pr.Mladen explored the story of Caleb, applying his attitudes throughout his life, to how we can also live life to the fullest in Jesus!
Students from Year 5-10 had the chance to acknowledge some of the decisions they made to growing deeper in a search for truth. In the coming weeks (until the end of the year) those students will have opportunities to grow, share and learn about God and many of life’s toughest questions.
Keep an eye out on our Henderson College facebook page for when the videos will be posted.
Thanks to all who were involved in making this week possible.”
Pastor Gerrard Price

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