High School District Volleyball

On Thursday 25th March, 35 High School students represented Henderson College at the District Volleyball Competition. We had 5 teams in total: 7 Boys, 8 Boys, 9/10 Boys, 7/8 Girls and 9/10 Girls.


The competition was organised as a round robin, with most schools in the Sunraysia District represented. Our teams played exceptionally well and the extra dedication to training was obvious on the day. Henderson College students should feel proud of their game play and sportsmanship on the day, with the following results:


7 Boys – 2nd

8 Boys – 2nd

9/10 Boys – 3rd

7/8 Girls – 1st

9/10 Girls – 1st


Both the girls teams have qualified for the Regional competition to be held at Chaffey on Monday 26th April. The 8 Boys team have also been invited to compete at the Regional competition to be held at St Joseph’s stadium on Monday 26th April. We would love families to come along the these competition and support our teams.


A huge thank you to Mr Ferry, Mr Smith and Pastor G for giving up so much of their time to coach the teams leading up to the competition.

Michelle Johnson

Sports Coordinator

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