‘Out of the Box Sunraysia’ come to visit

A fantastic opportunity to be part of our local Sunraysia community!

From ‘Out of the Box Sunraysia’:
“Each week we source small amounts of produce from Henderson College who are part of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation program.
Today we were hosted by Tash Faulkhead and hung out with the teachers and students in the garden and kitchen. In less than an hour while half the class made worm hotels and fertilised garden beds with biological fertiliser, the other half prepared a roast pumpkin, feta and chick pea salad with garden greens and pumpkin hummus. We shared food and the students talked about what they had done in the garden and what went into the meal.
We were super impressed to hear from the students that they go home and prepare meals that they learnt in class – and that they are tasty and loved by the whole family.
What a fantastic program!
The school uses the funds from selling excess produce to Out of the Box to purchase things they need for the garden and kitchen.”

Thanks for visiting, Out of the Box Sunraysia

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