Yr 5/6 Integrated Studies
The Year 5/6 Integrated Studies unit on electricity and their Term 2 novel proved to be a valuable connection recently! Students read The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba, which taught them about the life people in developing countries might live and how access to electricity can change one life and the many lives of future generations.
The Solar Buddies program sends out light kits to schools to partner with them in raising awareness of social justice and access issues. Henderson purchased some kits, which the Year 5/6 students constructed and wrote a Buddy letter to the child who might receive the gift. The intention is that less fortunate students will be able to study at night after they have finished their workday, improving literacy and educational outcomes for these students.
The Year 5/6 classes will receive an update from the Solar Buddies Program once their lights are delivered and students may receive a return letter.
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