F1 in Schools
For the first time in Henderson College’s history, we have sent two teams to Melbourne to compete in the F1 in Schools state finals. In their class, 10 teams competed to go onto National finals with the hope of representing Australia in the world finals.
Throughout the visit Henderson’s students have had the opportunity to converse and learn from industry professionals, world champions and learn so much about resilience, presenting, engineering, graphic design, science and mathematics with the hope of coming back next year to be even more competitive.
For the team’s first time, it is safe to say that Henderson students have surprised the competition, represented their sponsors well and have shown terrific progress over the week. Competing against schools that have been involved in the competition for many years was not going to be without its challenges.
We are still waiting on their final results, but some notable mentions were Team Vortech making it to the knockout races placing them in the top eight for their car. HC plasma has the seventh fastest development car overall.
Many of the students are already talking about how they will come back stronger and faster next year and use what they have learnt from this experience.
Thank you to all of the sponsors for their support and commitment to helping Henderson’s students thrive and develop into becoming tomorrow’s leaders.
HC Plasma thanks:
Thomson Linen Company
Polly’s Panels
Tranex Solar
Country Wide Tyres
Mildura 4WD Accessories
Team Vortech thanks:
Neverland – Mildura Central
Mildura Waste & Recycling
Exposed Signage and Apparel
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