Henderson College Secondary Facilities

Henderson College Secondary has specially designed facilities to cater to the individual learning needs of students

 In 2018, Henderson College will undertake a substantial building project, building 2 new collaborative learning areas for Years 7-10


Our recently refurbished library facility has been designed with students’ individual needs in mind. This facility allows for collaboration and enhanced learning opportunities for all year levels. Students regularly visit the Library Resource Centre to borrow books. Students also have access to the library during lunchtimes to participate in Chess, Coding and Maker Space activities.


Sport Oval

Secondary students have their own oval where College activities and team sports including cricket, touch football, soccer, and softball are held.


Indoor Multipurpose Stadium and Classrooms

Henderson College stadium features basketball and volleyball courts, a stage for performing arts and two classrooms upstairs catering for Music and Chapel.


Information & Communication Technology (Computer Facilities)

The use of technology in the classroom has increased significantly in recent years. At Henderson College, we aim to develop young people who use technology with discernment, demonstrating a capacity to make wise decisions regarding their technology use. As such, it is important that throughout their years at school, students are supported in their technology journey.



A state of the art Science room allows students to engage in practical innovative experiences across the curriculum.