The Tour

The Road to Bethlehem tells the story of the first Christmas when God sent His Son, Jesus, to be born as a baby to a poor, simple carpenter couple. We have used dramatic licence to attempt to present the story in an understandable and creative way.

If you would like to read the story for yourself you can find it in the Bible in Matthew 1:18 to 2:18 and Luke 1:26 to 2:40

To walk the Road to Bethlehem takes about an hour. We would like you to let your imagination wander back to that time 2000 years ago and to that place in the Middle East with its vastly different culture.


Consider the problems presented to the young couple facing the ridicule and suspicion of their home village as Mary, having conceived by the Holy Spirit, is pregnant before marriage, and Joseph her fiancé supports her through her disgrace, convinced that she is indeed innocent.

Imagine the discomfort of the long journey in late pregnancy through inhospitable country to fulfil the requirements of the thoughtless census decree.

Consider the distress of labour and delivery of a first-born child with no pain relief, no sanitation, no midwife, and a husband who is culturally ignorant of the process, let alone the biology of giving birth.

Picture their utter amazement when the shepherd-strangers arrive in the middle of the night to tell them of the remarkable vision of angels; their joy at the confirmation of their faith that this Child is indeed God.

See their wonder at the Magi, travelling vast distances, to worship their Child, and presenting Him with gifts that they had never dreamed existed.

Come with us... and walk the Road.