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Henderson College




Principal's Welcome Message

Henderson's Principal

Mrs Deveena Obst

Obst Deveena 1

It is with pleasure that I welcome you to Henderson College. Our school focus is on helping students reach their full academic potential, developing Christian faith and moral character, and acquiring social confidence and responsibility.

The size and structure of our school allows for each child to be treated as a special individual. The staff at Henderson College take their role as mentors very seriously. They seek to mentor students as they begin to take responsibility for their own decisions, determine their own attitudes and form their own opinions as to what life is all about. Assistance is given to students to achieve academically and grow physically, socially and spiritually in a happy, secure environment.

I trust that reading our website will give you an insight into Henderson College. The school endeavors to address the educational needs of students through meaningful and tangible experiences. In this, students are catered for in a balanced and varied program designed to suit student’s needs and interests.

I assure you that Henderson College is a school worthy of your serious attention and consideration, and I welcome your interest in our exciting school. It gives me great pleasure to invite you to seek an appointment with me or other members of staff to discuss the education needs of your child. I am confident that Henderson College can assist you in this most important decision.

Yours sincerely

Mrs Deveena Obst
Henderson College Principal