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Frequently Asked Questions

Please be encouraged to reach out to our friendly staff with any further questions about your child's learning at Henderson College.

Are you a Christian School?

Yes. We are a Christian School owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. We welcome students from all religious, non religious and cultural backgrounds.

How many students are there in each class?

Usually between 16-23 students in each class from Prep throughout the school. Click here to learn more about Primary Education at Henderson College.

How do your fees compare with other private schools in the area?

Our fees are very competitive and offer great value for money. You can view the fee schedule here.

Do you offer family discounts for larger families?

Yes. For each family with two or more children enrolled, a generous discount applies.

Does the College have a Chaplain?

Yes. The college employs three part chaplains for Primary and Secondary. We also have a Student Welfare Officer.

Does the College offer a bus service? How much will it cost?

Yes. The School also operates two 24-seater buses that transport students from various locations throughout Mildura (including Red Cliffs). Sunraysia Bus Lines operates from Dareton and Gol Gol to Henderson College free of charge. Zaffina Bus Service operates from Robinvale to a connecting pick-up point with the Henderson College bus service. Students who live more than 4.8km from the school may be able to receive a Conveyance Allowance from the government. Click here to learn more about our transportation services.

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Please feel encouraged to contact our friendly staff with any further questions about your child’s learning at Henderson College.

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